Shahid Kapoor is a refined actor but he also cares about social reforms and spreading awareness through his movies.

This is what makes Shahid Kapoor stand out from his contemporaries

Shahid Kapoor is a true actor of the millennial and we have loved him for his acting, his personality and his good looks, but most of all we love him for his choice of roles and candid nature that makes him one of the most genuine and down to earth actors in the industry.

Shahid Kapoor is not just a versatile actor but also a social reformer. Shahid said that the only reason he accepts controversial movies is that they portray an undermined social struggle and it is this very attitude that sets him apart from all the other contemporaries. Not many actors accept controversial roles because it might eventually tarnish their public image or give them setbacks in their career and their future could be jeopardized.

This is what makes Shahid Kapoor stand out from his contemporaries 1

Shahid Kapoor’s role in Udta Panjab (2016) is noteworthy. The movie talks about the overwhelming drug problem of Punjab. Shahid plays a drug-addict pop singer who goes through multiple reforms through the movie. Batti Gul Meter Chalu (2018) explores the problem of outrageous electricity bills in rural India. Shahid plays the role of S.K., a lawyer, in this partial court-room drama. He joins the fight after his childhood friend commits suicide, not being able to pay the sky rocketed electricity bill of 54 lakhs.

However, the most controversial movie of the actor till date would have to be Padmaavat (2018), which initiated riots all over the country. The actor even received death threats for his role of Maharawal Ratan Singh but that didn’t change his might about signing up for projects that could bring reforms in the society.

We know now that the actor has a heart of gold, pure gold, and is it this very caring and enduring nature of his, that make fans love him more than ever!

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