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Malaika Arora is the queen of good looks, great body and amazing style statements and we can’t help but wonder what her secret is!

This is what Malaika Arora does to get the body she has now

Malaika Arora is easily one of the most glamorous and fit celebrity mothers of all times, and just like the fine wine, she is getting better and better every passing year! Two decades and a kid later, she can still make your jaw drop with her astounding looks and the shape she still is in, makes women all over the world want to follow her fitness regime and get a tip or two from her.
This is what Malaika Arora does to get the body she has now
So we have exactly what you were looking to find out about Malaika Arora, her health and fitness secret! Here’s her fitness routine-

•She is a gym freak and doesn’t skip it often as she believes consistency is key.
•She likes to mix cardio exercises, yoga and pranayam and ensure that she gets a frequent dose of this as often as possible
•As long as her diet is considered, she is very picky about food. For breakfast, she has warm water with lemon and honey. She doesn’t believe in dieting, rather she doesn’t follow any diet.
•She tries to follow some basic principles when it comes to food and tries to keep it as real and practical as possible.
•For lunch, she prefers a bowl of fresh mixed curd. Next she has one bowl of green vegetables along with Multigrain toast with Sandwich. Her dinner consists of a bowl of soup steamed with broccolis, and that’s all folks!

This 47 year old actress is giving us some major fitness goals and we couldn’t have been happier taking them from anybody but her. She has proven her style game and her flawless fitness regime time and again, and looking at her over the years, we know it works all too well.

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