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Madhuri Dixit Nene shares a video about her dog Carmello

Meet Madhuri Dixit Nene’s Carmello

Madhuri Dixit Nene is known for her love towards animals. And it is in the same regard that she has introduced her own special pet Carmello to the world. Carmello happens to be Madhuri’s pet dog whom she describes as an intelligent one.

Dedicating a whole video to her Carmello, Madhuri described the pet as intelligent and alert who is very adorable and loves to play with her kids. She also added that Carmello follows Madhuri throughout the whole house and is always up for fun. Madhuri also shared tidbits into how much she loves animals and how special Carmello is to her.

On one hand, we see brutal treatment against dogs and on the other hand it is celebrities like Madhuri Dixit Nene who influence the population regarding how animals should actually be treated.

She also described her loyalty and explained how loyal Carmello always is to Madhuri.

So what do you think about Madhuri’s adorable video dedicated to her pet dog? Share your views below.

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