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In conversation with Tanushree Dutta

I miss my intense hardcore gym workouts and swimming lessons:  Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta Talks To Subhash K Jha On Her Online Meditation Workshop During The Lockdown And More…

How are you spending your time during the lockdown?

I’m working on a few important things now that I’m less distracted with other stuff. Curating an online meditation workshop that is easy, affordable and simple to follow and learn for people who are new to meditation or have never tried it. I have more than 12 years of experience on the spiritual path and have been meditating for a long time now. Also I understand the fears, roadblocks and challenges new seekers face while trying to focus and concentrate. So in order to help the next batch of spiritual seekers especially the millenials I have decided to put together my knowledge and experience on the subject matter, and test out a series of online workshops and classes which will be made available soon through collaboration with multiple online content platforms.

What other new activities have you embraced during the lockdown?

Every few days I do a casual reading of the Bhagvad Gita for millennial and current generation who wish to learn about it. I go live on my instagram @iamtanushreeduttaofficial every few days and weave a motivational and inspirational talk around one paragraph from the Gita. It’s fun, casual and very very modern and relevant to today’s times and everyone can understand as I use very simple language. I have also started a podcast on the same and have released 3 episodes thus far.

Are you eating and sleeping more than before?

Yes, like everyone else, I think my calorie intake has gone up a bit lately. I’m going to be very careful about that, as I certainly don’t want to gain back the weight I have lost in the last 7 months. I can’t sleep more than 6- 8 hours per day , so that is good. I start and end my day with meditation, I go out to walk and hike in the woods and do basic stretching exercises so I’m trying to maintain a healthy routine in the midst of this quarantine situation.

Lots of time for introspection?

Introspection has been my second nature from childhood. No matter how busy I have ever been at any time, contemplation and introspection have shaped my character and personality. Movie watching is always fun but I can’t seem to find enough time for it.I’m still trying to finish the one movie that I started few days back.

What do you miss the most about not getting to go outdoors?

I miss my intense hardcore gym workouts and swimming lessons. I wanted to attend advanced level swimming classes but guess that will have to wait until this corona epidemic subsides.

Your advice to your fans during these trying times?

I would like to say to my fans that any situation in life can be a blessing in disguise or a curse depending on how we see it and utilize it. So to make use of this time is constructive learning and qualitative growth.

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