Amala and Nagarjuna are undoubtedly a couple who enjoy adventure and fun. The couple may be seen here unwinding by the tranquil poolside in Ibiza, Spain. Amala and Nagarjuna demonstrate that traveling with your lover can be a wonderful experience as they enjoy their romance amidst the tranquil Alpine glaciers in Switzerland. Another image from Switzerland depicts a Tollywood couple in muted colors against a backdrop of a cobblestone street in a popular tourist location in Europe.

The couple appears to defy aging, as evidenced by the fact that they appear young and joyful in this photo. The image from the 2019 Instagram post was taken at Nagarjuna’s birthday celebration.

You may go back in time to the beginning of Amala and Nagarjuna’s courtship by looking at this vintage photo that Amala shared. The couple is seen holding hands along the beach. Amala and Nagarjuna are smiling in this picture-postcard image taken on the cobblestone streets of Portugal as they travel through the European nation. In this Instagram image from 2019, the couple is directly from Slovenia and is enjoying the golden sunlight.

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