Nimrat Kaur, who also stars with Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam in the movie Dasvi, has been acclaimed for her outstanding performance. She needed to acquire 15 kilograms for the character of Bimla Devi. Nimrat used social media to share her turnaround story. Along with a detailed statement, the 40-year-old actor provided a before and after photo of himself.

Nimrat shared a photo of herself in a collage that shows her weight loss progress. “Weigh it…,” she wrote. Swipe left for a thousand words that this image won’t say.”

In an age of highly elevated assumptions regarding what we produce, Nimrat disclosed the note in a social media post “I’m sharing a small chapter from my life that brought with it learnings that will last a lifetime – gender, age, and profession are all irrelevant – Please bear with me because there isn’t a ‘bite sized’ version of this 10-month adventure.”

The Dasvi actress went on to say that she has received “snide comments” about her eating habits and size up. The note went on to say, “Dasvi required me to size ‘up’ because I was born with a body frame that is generally classified as small to medium. The goal was to be as unrecognisable and physically unlike ‘being Nimrat’ as feasible. I didn’t have a specific weight goal in mind, but by the time I finished attempting to gain the required visual impression, I had gained over 15 kilos over my normal body weight. I was initially terrified of an unknown reality.”

She also talked about how savouring and embracing one’s physique is a privilege.