Regina Cassandra is known for her fashion choices. This time, she shows her top-notch style in the satin gown paired with diamond earrings. Check out the photos below in the article

[Photos] Regina Cassandra Looks Spectacular In Satin Gown And Diamond Earrings

Regina Cassandra is a popular actress in South Indian cinema. Through her amazing performance on screen, she has carved her niche in the business. Besides her acting career, she has garnered massive love for her stylish wardrobe collection. In the latest photos, the diva shows her top-notch style in a satin gown.

Regina Cassandra’s Spectacular Glam In Satin Gown

Stunning! Regina Cassandra is rocking this look. With her strong attitude and expression, she elevates her classy glam in a satin gown from the John And Ananth clothing brand. The one-shoulder pattern looks captivating, followed by a long, shiny skirt. The unique pallu drape gives her outfit a desi touch. In the shiny look, Regina balances elegance and charm.

[Photos] Regina Cassandra Looks Spectacular In Satin Gown And Diamond Earrings 862450

But that’s not all! Regina adds extra glamour with the diamond embellished earrings. At the same time, the gold bracelet and finger ring give a sparkling gold touch. Her hair, styled in a sleek look with dramatic details, complements her style. The smudgy eye makeup, rosy, shiny cheeks, and nude pink lipstick shade beautifully enhance her appearance.

In these pictures, Regina looks jaw-dropping. With the classy choice of accessories and makeup, she looks spectacular.

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