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Know the top 3 controversies of Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh’s TOP 3 CONTROVERSIES that got him in trouble

Ranveer Singh is a charmer and a dasher in the true sense of the term and fans simply love the energy and charm that he brings to the table with his presence. He’s stylish, elegant, confident and most importantly fun-loving that pretty much sums up all the basic criterias which an entertainer needs in today’s time

But readers, you will be surprised that even though low-key, Ranveer Singh too hasn’t been spared from the shadow of controversies in his life so far. Bollywood’s ‘modern-day’ Baba has also been a part of few controversies which were eventually brushed under the carpet but the fact that they happened cannot be ignored. Today, we tell you three times when Ranveer Singh’s name cropped in controversial issues

AIB Roast: The AIB roast was criticized heavily in 2015 when Bollywood celebrities were seen openly insulting each other and hurling ridiculous abuses in the name of humor. Their integrity was questioned and Ranveer Singh being the main face then had to face a lot of brunt.

Association With Durex: Ranveer became India’s first A-lister celebrity to be associated with a condom brand like Durex and initially, it invited quite a lot of flak for him.

Paid Debut Controversy: Everyone appreciated Ranveer for his debut in Band Baaja Baarat until there were media speculations that came out suggesting that he actually paid the producers with the help of his businessman dad to earn a debut in Bollywood. Nothing was eventually proven and the discussion died a natural death.

Readers, were you all aware of these controversies of Ranveer? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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