Know the truth behind Akshay Kumar's Khiladi nickname

Revealed! How Did Akshay Kumar Get The Nickname ‘Khiladi’ In Bollywood?

Akshay Kumar is currently one of the leading and most bankable superstars of Bollywood today and a career spanning over 28 years, Akshay’s achievements in the industry can only be justified with one word, ‘exceptional’. Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi Kumar is known for his fitness and disciplined lifestyle and it is a compilation of these qualities that make Akshay Kumar the star that he is today.

Our country is obsessed with the idea of giving our favourite superstars some nickname or the other to express one’s love. Just like how it is Shahenshah for Amitabh Bachchan and Badshah for Shah Rukh Khan, it is Khiladi for Akshay Kumar. But what’s the secret behind this name?

Well, it’s as funny as it gets. Back in the ’90s, Akshay was known for his agility and action sequences and in a rather matter of coincidence, he became a part of several movies that had the name Khiladi in it. Some of the names were Khiladi, Sabse Bada Khiladi, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, Mr & Mrs Khiladi & many more.

It is this reason why the audience started referring to him more as Khiladi than Akshay Kumar and that’s how the name Khiladi became etched in the hearts of the audience forever.

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