Nusrat Jahan is one of the most gorgeous and talented actresses and performing artistes that we have in the Bengali regional entertainment industry. It’s been many years now that Nusrat Jahan has been working actively in the entertainment space and we love it. Be it in movies or her social media game ladies and gentlemen, she’s a 10/10 in every department and we truly love it, don’t we? Whenever Nusrat Jahan shares cute and adorable photos and videos on her social media handle, internet truly feels the burn and goes bananas for real. The best thing about Nusrat Jahan has to be the fact that come what may, Nusrat certainly knows how to dazzle and kill it with her charm in any outfit of her choice. As far as her personal life is concerned, she’s quite often been in the news and limelight for all the wrong reasons. However, like a true and genuine badass babe, she has answered it all with perfection.

The best thing about Nusrat Jahan has to be the fact that she’s always been very vocal about what she likes and whom she loves. Well, Nusrat Jahan is someone who’s always mentioned about how much she loves Shah Rukh Khan. Well, right now, Nusrat Jahan burning hearts like a queen in a stunning red saree and going by her caption, we feel like she’s all set to enjoy ‘Main Hoon Na’ vibes for real. Well, is that her own sweet way of trying to impress Shah Rukh Khan ladies and gentlemen? Check out below –

View Instagram Post 1: Revealed: Bengali babe Nusrat Jahan's special plans to impress Shah Rukh Khan

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