IWMBuzz tells you about how Sridevi's mother wanted to get her married to Kamal Haasan. Read the story for more details

REVEALED: Sridevi’s mother actually wanted Kamal Haasan to marry her daughter

The late Sridevi has been one of the most gorgeous actresses the film industry has ever seen. She wasn’t just a popular name in the South where she started but achieved her peak in Bollywood as well. She eventually married Boney Kapoor but did you know that Sridevi’s mother was hell-bent in getting her married to superstar Kamal Haasan?

Yes, it’s true. Kamal has been quoted saying this himself in Satyarth Nayak’s biography, ‘Sridevi- The Eternal Goddess’ and we quote,

“Her mother and I would often discuss Sridevi’s marriage options and she would joke with me that maybe I should marry her daughter.” In response to that, I would retort saying,

“If that happens, both Sri and I would drive each other so mad that I will have to send her back to her house the very next day!”

Well, interesting isn’t it? Let us know your views in the comments below as to how you feel after this interesting revelation? For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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