Find out more about Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez's lockdown life together

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez’s LOCKDOWN life REVEALED

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit India, it has created an innumerable amount of problems for one and all. What’s worse is since there’s no vaccine for the disease out in the market yet, people didn’t have any other option but to be quarantined in their houses for the longest time. Even now, in many areas of the country, lockdown is still prevalent due to the rising number of cases. Bollywood too hasn’t been spared and hence even the biggest of stars have been quarantined at their homes. While some are with their family, the others are with their family and then there’s Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan, Salman Khan who’s experiencing a bit of both at his Panvel farmhouse. While on one hand, he has his sister Arpita, brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and nephew Ahil, he also has the presence of Jacqueline Fernandez there who’s a very close friend to him.

Both Salman and Jacqueline are considered to be extremely close to each other and that’s a big reason why they have been together at their farmhouse. But what are they exactly up to there? Well, we reveal it to you here.

Both Salman and Jacqueline have enjoyed their lockdown relaxing while also simultaneously working together on music videos. They shot an entire music video together at his farmhouse and the video was a rage. They also have been feeding the horses and animals at his farmhouse together. Well, adorable ain’t it?

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