IWMBuzz reveals to you why Malaika Arora has been trolled for her worst outfit choice. Check out the story, photos & comments for more details

WATCH VIDEO! Malaika Arora gets trolled for the worst outfit, fans called her, “Wannabe KIM KARDASHIAN”

India although referred to as a ‘developing country’ often ends up facing certain instances which make us truly question the state of ‘development’. The judgemental society leaves no stone unturned to throw judgements at people, especially women who love to be independent and live the life they want to. Often celebrities are the recipients of this judgement the most.

The latest celebrity to be a victim to this judgement fiasco is Malaika Arora who got trolled recently for an outfit choice. The outfit being extremely skinny and tight-fitted, Malaika was called names by people on social media and things couldn’t get worse.

Check out below –

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