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Know some weird habits of Kim Kardashian

THESE Weird Things Only Kim Kardashian Can Do

Kim Kardashian is a fireball when it comes to hotness and there’s no beating her in that department. Even today, she’s considered to be the epitome of hotness and body goals and no wonder men crush on her and admire her big time. While men have a crush on her, girls want to look as hot as her and slay with their fashion avatars. While all of you are perfectly aware about Kim Kardashian and her antics on social media, today, we reveal to you all some really strange and weird facts about her that will leave you surprised. Wondering what they are? Well, we reveal it all below.

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Kim’s stretch marks are her biggest fear

Kim will wear a bikini only on overcast days saying that the sunlight will show her cellulite

She hates wearing flat shoes and will wear them only while working out on a treadmill

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