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IWMBuzz asks you whether Salman Khan will be able to bounce back with Dabangg3?

Will Salman Khan be able to bounce back with Dabangg 3?

Salman Khan is India’s biggest superstar in the true sense of the term when it comes to masala & commercial potboilers. The man has been around for about 30 years and has been giving hits after hits for the longest time. The man has had the best time of his life since 2010 with Dabangg, from when almost 8 films of his became hits, and each collected over 150 crores on an average.

But as a true Bhaijaan fan, you must have noticed one thing, that whenever he has tried to shed off his massy, superhero image, the movie has failed. Such has unfortunately become the case with Bhaijaan that whenever he tries to experiment, audiences don’t accept. The want the same whistle worthy dialogues where Bhai sheds his shirt and shows off that broad chest and muscles. His last movie ‘Bharat’ too didn’t do well when he tried to play an old man.

But guess what? He’s back with what he does best in his commercial massy avatar, with Dabangg 3. Both Dabangg and Dabangg 2 are tried and tested hits and Dabangg is a hit franchise. Given this to count on, it surely makes us feel that Bhaijaan’s Dabangg 3 is the film that he needs to bounce back. Do you feel the same? Share your views below.

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