Will Smith has been all on the news with the all high-class drama at the Oscars awards this year. The actor was on the news after slapping Chris Rock right on the stage for his joke on Will’s wife Jada Pinkett. He received mixed reactions from the netizens, however, later Smith also apologised for the same.

Another thing, he’s been popular for, is that the actor has always been open about the s*x life he has with Jada Pinkett Smith. However, while he opened up about it, his fans found it extremely ridiculous to believe it to be true.

While discussing Will Smith’s s*x life, the King Richard entertainer once uncovered that he fantasized about a ‘group of celebrities’. Smith even shared having one about the star Halle Berry. His s*xual dreams were not left well enough alone from his better half, Jada Pinkett Smith, who didn’t definitely disapprove of the whiz dreaming about being with different ladies.

Talking to the popular portal, Mirror, he said, “Part of the deal is that it can’t be women I know.” “It has to be women at a distance, so as soon as I get to know them, I have to give them up,” as quoted by Koi Moi.