Zendaya discusses managing her Anxiety. She has struggled with it ever since a performance in 2013

Everyone experiences anxiety in different ways, whether it be due to performing under pressure during a sporting event or presenting a presentation in class. For the past many years, Zendaya has had anxiety whenever she has to perform live. As a singer, that can be difficult to handle, but Zendaya says on her app that she’s found several coping strategies that work for her.

Zendaya confesses in a recent post on her app that since a 2013 appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she has experienced nervousness before performing live. On the show, one of her debut performances, her microphone pack failed during live television performances, leaving her unable to hear anything through her earbuds. Because of that, according to Zendaya, it wasn’t her best performance, and ever since she has experienced severe anxiety every time she must perform publicly.

“I once had some serious anxiety issues. It only occurred when I sang live, not whether I danced or performed in any other live setting, and it was a result of a negative singing performance I had on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2013,” Zendaya composed. “I didn’t give my greatest performance, and I’ve never allowed that to get to me. Ever since my anxiety has gotten out of control.”

Zendaya discovered that removing herself from the situation that caused her anxiety was the key to controlling it. Zendaya took a break from live performances and concentrated on other things rather than forcing herself back on stage right away. As a result, Zendaya claimed that when she did return to performing live, she wasn’t as anxious since she had created some distance between herself and the source of her nervousness.

You should occasionally give yourself a break and take the necessary time to control your anxiousness. However, if that isn’t an option for you and you have to continue dealing with the things that make us anxious, there are other coping mechanisms that can help you manage your anxiety so you can carry on with your life. These include breathing exercises, journaling, exercise, therapy, or medication. If you need to, you can also practice this one-minute breathing exercise.

The most crucial thing is to be aware of your current needs. Zendaya needed to regain her confidence, which necessitated a break from performing live. We applaud her for taking the necessary steps to maintain her health and happiness.

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