To break the societal shackles could be difficult for the middle-class upbringing, and this Avijit Sen, helmed movie Projapoti definitely brings light on to a perspective shift amongst the audience

Helmed by Avijit Sen, the movie Projapoti deals with people stuck in the loops of social conventions. Yet Projapoti (Butterfly), as the name suggests, breaks through the norms with flying colours. Propelling a different perspective shift in terms of career, parenting and of course ‘how life doesn’t end at 50’, Projapoti overwhelms its viewers with emotions, filling nostalgia, old love and regrets against the paths that weren’t taken in the invincible Chakrayuha of “loke ki bolbe”.

The story of Projapoti spines around a father-son duo, Gour (Mithun Chakraborty) and Joy (Dev) who spawn in between all the odds. Gour aka Mithun is an ageing widower who wants his son Joy, a wedding planner by profession, to get married and settle down. Gour grappled with his solitude and wants a desperate engagement in life to alienate his boredom. But Joy is reluctant. The film cloaks under such sweet debacle banters between a son and father. But as it elevates, things warp out. It is when Gour meets his old college friend ‘Kusum’ (Mamata Shankar). Mithun-Mamata magic definitely does its master spell, with their fondant (Mrigaya) chemistry on the screen after 46 years.

The movie unveils is a newer narrative of love, and that it can happen even when you are in your last innings of life. Gour after the unanticipated meeting with Kusum wants to marry her. Whilst the thought of it ignites a young Gour inside, the ‘societal loops’ haunt Gour at the same time. Unaware of the aftermath, Gour bows out in the dilemma of ‘whether the society, his children would accept him’.

The film also reshuffles the idea of parenthood, and how not always it’s the mother that fights all the odds to help her children thrive. Joy lost his mother at the tender age of five, and it was Gour, his father who took care of Joy, providing him with all his needs. Also, something we found fascinating is how Avijit Sen elementarily showcased an unconventional career choice in the crowds of ‘doctors’ and ‘engineers’.

It’s fair to say that Projapoti turned out a cinematic all-in-all watch. With the heavy drama pouring from the middle-class tangles, and the sweet new love between an elderly couple, the film also offers its audience a ‘must’ comic relief. And here’s where the finest Kharaj Mukherjee and Biswanath Basu come in. To embark on Mithun Chakraborty as Gour, it’s definitely a wide eyes moment to cherish on screen! Donning the hat of an ambidexter, Mithun Chakraborty gave his fans a wholesome experience. Dev rolling up into this not-so-glamourous second skin churned out a fresh mind. However, we do feel the screenplay could have done better in delivering Sweta Bhattacharya as Joy’s love interest, Sweta doesn’t really fit into the shoes. Ambarish Bhattacharya who plays Gour’s son-in-law, and Konineeca Banerjee as Gour’s daughter lead on a different experience in the elevation course of the screen.

With all things put in categorically, Projapoti definitely is a worthy one to experience this holiday season, especially if you are a Mithun Chakraborty fan!

IWMBuzz rates it 3.5 stars.

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