IWMBuzz tells you about Arbaaz Khan's reaction to Abhinav Kashyap's claims 

Abhinav Kashyap blames Salman Khan for destroying his career, Arbaaz Khan to take legal action

There’s a saying that goes in Bollywood, ‘No one is your permanent friend and no one is your permanent enemy in this industry’. Well, that seems to be the case here with Abhinav Kashyap and Salman Khan’s family. Abhinav Kashyap initially was given the opportunity of spearheading one of SalmanKhan’s biggest movies, Dabangg and the movie went onto become a blockbuster at the box office. But, he was replaced soon after in Dabangg 2. While many speculated and wondered as to what can be the exact reason, the fallout between both parties were evident.

Years later and now, after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has shaken the entire fraternity, Abhinav Kashyap posted an open letter about how allegedly Salman Khan and his family sabotaged his career and ensured he doesn’t get work. This didn’t go well with Salman’s brother Arbaaz Khan and as per reports, we now hear that the Arbaaz Khan and the Khan family are all set to go legal against Abhinav Kashyap. Arbaaz also added that he doesn’t know where all this is coming from since he has not been in touch with Abhinav since 2012 after they professionally parted ways. We wait for more updates on this. Stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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