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Amy Jackson's inspirational baby bump post

Amy Jackson’s inspirational baby bump post
Whenever a woman embraces motherhood, it is undoubtedly one of the most special moments for her, if not the most special. However, it’s a little different with actresses, as whenever an actress becomes pregnant, people have a knack of writing her off and claiming that her career is over.
But gone are those days in Bollywood when women would find means to hide their pregnancy and baby bump because of the fear of losing out on work. Today’s women are an embodiment of empowerment like no other, and today’s actresses set an example themselves by embracing motherhood to prove to the world that an actress gets work because of her acting skills and it’s not dependent on whether she is giving birth to a new life or not. Various actresses recently have proved that motherhood is no bar and the most recent actress to declare to the world about her pregnancy is Amy Jackson.
In a post that will inspire millions to embrace motherhood and not feel insecure, Amy Jackson posted –

Here’s wishing Amy a very happy and positive motherhood! We, at, wish the actress and her baby good health and prosperity. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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