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Cute father-daughter moment on the stage of Mahesh Babu and Sitara

Awww: Mahesh Babu’s career-best interview with daughter Sitara

7-year old Sitara is not only her superstar-father Mahesh Babu’s lifeline she’s also his favourite interviewer now.

Sitara together with her best friend Aadya (director Vamshi Padipally’s daughter) conducted a video interview with Mahesh where the little girls quiz the superstar on his favourite films, favourite compliment, favourite co-star, etc,

Now Mahesh has become partial to Sitara’s journalistic skills. “I must confess it was a very proud moment when my daughter Sitara and her friend Aadiya interviewed me. I thought they’d ask me some random question about my favourite colour, etc. But they had done their homework on me. It was the best interview of my life. I can’t wait to be interviewed by Sitara again.”

Little Sitara, quite the little star herself recently gave voice to the animation film Frozen 2 in Telugu.

Says Sitara, “Interviewing my dad was a lot of fun. I was excited and nervous. But he made me relax, joked with Aadiya and me and had us giggling and enjoying ourselves. I had a really good time.”

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