IWMBuzz shows you snippets of a hilarious video interview of superstar Mahesh Babu with daughter Sitara and her co Youtube star Aadya. Check out the video below

Check-Out: Aadya and Sitara With Mahesh Babu’s special interview

If you are a big-time fan of the masala and action blended to perfection in South Indian movies, there’s absolutely no way that you can dislike or hate South superstar Mahesh Babu.

The actor is nothing short of a cult down in the South and is the go-to guy always when it comes to playing larger than life characters on screen. His fandom and craze are such that even Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan, Salman Khan had chosen to remake some of his films in Hindi. In fact, it was said at a time in the South film industry for actresses that ‘you are not successful enough as an actress’ if you haven’t worked with Mahesh Babu. Yeah, that’s right. Such was his dominance and rage. Mahesh Babu might be playing those rock-solid rough and tough roles in movies but he is equally sweet and delicate when dealing with little ones. Well, this video interview of his with his daughter Sitara and the co-host of her Youtube channel Aadya is the biggest example of that. Check out this adorable video below –

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