Actor Digangana Suryavanshi, who has been a part of an upcoming OTT show, Showstopper has now been accused of falsely demanding Rs 6 crore in lieu of supposedly confirming Akshay Kumar as the presenter for the show.

Now, a complaint has been filed against the actor for allegedly cheating and enabling a criminal breach of trust under IPC Section 420 and Section 406.

A News18 reports that the director of ‘Show Stopper,’ Manish Harishankar, along with the production house MH Films, has issued a defamation notice to actor Rakesh Bedi and fashion designer Krishan Parmar. The notice accuses them of making false statements about the project, damaging its reputation, and misleading the media by claiming that payments were withheld and the project was shelved.

Actor Rakesh Bedi, who is also a part of the project claimed that it has been one and a half or two years and he hasn’t received the payment yet.

Harishankar informed News18 that all actor payments have been settled. In his police report, he mentioned that Suryavanshi often boasted about her connections with superstars like Akshay, Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan, claiming she could enlist them as presenters for the web series.

Harishankar also alleged that she took a staff member to Ajmer at their expense to meet Kumar. During this trip, she insisted that the staff member, who was an editor on the project, give her an iPad containing 16 episodes of the web series and wait outside the hotel room where she was meeting Kumar. He claimed that the iPad has not been returned since.

A legal representative for MH Films stated that Suryavanshi issued threats of serious consequences if her demands were not met. This threat has been formally reported to the police, and action has been requested.

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