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Farhan Akhtar shares his views on the Ayodhya verdict

Farhan Akhtar shares his take on Ayodha Verdict

The Ayodhya Verdict and debate has been going on in the country for quite some time from now and it’s been many years, it has been a hot topic of several debate, fights and heated discussions.

Finally, from the lower court to the High Court to the Supreme Court, things have finally taken a move and the verdict from the Supreme Court is out. While some might agree and some might not, the multi-talented Farhan Akhtar wants you to respect the Constitution and accept the Ayodha Verdict the way it is. Take a look –

The Verdict says –

1) A suitable plot of land measuring 5 acres will be handed over to the Sunni Wakf Board at a prominent place in Ayodha.

2) The centre shall within 3 months formulate a scheme for setting up of trust for making provision for the construction of temple on the original site.

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