With remarkable Week 1 performance, #Gadar2 and #OMG2 have rewritten the rules of success, captivating audiences and industry observers alike. While #Gadar2 barrels towards the illustrious ₹300 crore milestone, #OMG2 has proven its mettle by holding its ground amidst fierce competition. The battle for box office supremacy has unveiled an unprecedented narrative of triumph and resilience, redefining the parameters of cinematic success.

#Gadar2 creates sensational BO success with ₹300 crore mark in sight

Gadar 2 has taken the box office by storm, setting a new precedent in terms of its monumental Week 1 collection. With an astonishing total of ₹284.63 crore in just its first week, the film is on track to breach the ₹300 crore mark on its second Friday. This extraordinary achievement underscores the movie’s undeniable appeal and unshakable popularity among the masses.

The film’s daily collections throughout the week have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. The saga began with a resounding ₹40.10 crore on its opening day, followed by a steady climb with ₹43.08 crore on Saturday and an impressive ₹51.70 crore on Sunday. Even on weekdays, #Gadar2 continued its remarkable run, securing ₹38.70 crore on Monday, a staggering ₹55.40 crore on Tuesday, and ₹32.37 crore on Wednesday, and finally, ₹23.28 crore on Thursday. This consistent performance across the week speaks volumes about the film’s captivating storyline and the star power that drives its success.

Gadar 2 shatters records, nears ₹300 crore, while #OMG2 holds strong amidst competition 843730

The movie’s success is not confined to any particular audience segment. #Gadar2 has managed to ignite enthusiasm in both multiplexes and single screens, particularly in mass sectors. This unprecedented hysteria has been a rarity, drawing audiences from all corners and redefining the parameters of box office dominance. Riding high on positive word of mouth and insatiable demand, #Gadar2 is poised to continue its trailblazing journey, setting the stage for a historic box office milestone.

#OMG2 holds its ground amidst #Gadar2 storm, emerges as a solid BO contender

In the midst of the #Gadar2 storm, another contender has emerged as a resounding success at the box office. OMG2, despite facing formidable competition, has demonstrated its prowess with a commendable Week 1 performance. Accumulating a noteworthy total of ₹85.05 crores, the film has not only weathered the #Gadar2 onslaught but also marked its presence with a series of impressive daily collections.

Gadar 2 shatters records, nears ₹300 crore, while #OMG2 holds strong amidst competition 843731

The film’s first-week journey was an actual showdown to its audience engagement. Commencing with ₹10.26 crore on Friday, OMG2 gathered momentum with ₹15.30 crore on Saturday and a robust ₹17.55 crore on Sunday. This upward trajectory continued even on weekdays, securing ₹12.06 crore on Monday, followed by a strong ₹17.10 crore on Tuesday. Despite the odds, Wednesday contributed ₹7.20 crore, and Thursday added ₹5.58 crore to the film’s growing kitty.