Singer and actor Guru Randhawa has been the central talking point for an array of things but lately, it has been for link-ups and rumors about his love life. One would remember how Randhawa was heavily linked with actress and dancer Nora Fatehi back then, when they had back-to-back songs coming out.

A similar story happened recently with only some tweaks in the case of actress Shehnaaz Gill. The rumor of Randhawa and Gill dating each other began last year round when they had their music video, ‘Moonrise’ coming out. This intensified further when Randhawa attended the screening of her film, Thank  You For Coming and they even posed together on the red carpet. Earlier in January, they had another song, Sunrise that came out and their frequent camaraderie on Instagram has also been feeding into these rumors.

However, in a recent interview, Randhawa went on to say that he feels very good when people talk about his dating life. He wittily added that fans link him with all the beautiful girls in the world so it feels great as every boy wants that kind of attention.

He concluded saying that he wants people to keep talking about his love life. He ended on a funny note saying that if the reader of this interview is a girl, he is single; if it is a boy, he is taken. Randhawa did remain tight-lipped about his actual relationship with Gill amidst all this.