The peeping toms are having a field day with their speculative take on Shah Rukh and his daughter Suhana’s collaborative film to be directed by Sujoy Ghosh.

It is totally untrue to say that Shah Rukh Khan was initially supposed to do a guest appearance in Ghosh’s film with his daughter.

“In fact, it was always a mentor-protegee story with a full fledged role for both SRK and Suhana. After Suhana made her underwhelming debut in Archies on Netflix , SRK was advised by his wellwishers to not work with Suhana so early in her career. At that point of time they decided to bring in another actor to replace SRK. Eventually SRK decided to share screen space with Suahana, as per the original plan,” reveals a close friend of SRK.

What I can also tell you is that Shah Rukh will play a freelance assassin , a hit man , who willy nilly, promises himself to protect a young girl, played by Suhana Khan, whose life is in danger and who is his daughter’s age.

SRK’s role and his bonding with the girl is inspired by Luc Besson’s 1994 French action thriller Leon in which Jean Reno played Leon—akin to SRK’s King—who protects a girl , played by Natalie Portman after her entire family is assassinated.

Says a source close to development, “Of course, Sujoy Ghosh who is directing King is doing his own take in the protector-pupil thing. But this is going to be a full-on action film with stylized stunt pieces.”

One hears that Suhana will also be joining in the action with SRK.