An unfortunate incident on Mumbai airport involving Telugu star-actor Nagarjuna has triggered a nationwide outrage. In a viral video an allegedly disabled fan is seen being pushed to the ground by Nag’s bouncer.

Nag who is one of the gentlest kindest and most gracious stars I’ve ever known, sounds baffled on the morning after the incident. “I still don’t know how it happened. You saw the video, right? What you didn’t see is that my bouncer immediately went to the gentleman helped him up and apologized.”

Nag didn’t know about the incident until he reached his hotel in Mumbai. “I was completely oblivious of what had happened. It was only at the hotel that I was told about the unfortunate incident. I was aghast. My bouncer told me he reacted reflexively when he saw someone approaching me at the airport.He had no idea about the fan’s condition.”

Nag says he is mortified by the incident. “I tweeted my apology two hours after the incident. Still, a huge uproar was made about it, as if I don’t know how to behave with my fans. We are three generations of actors in our family now. We’ve been taught to treat our fans as God. You know me for thirty years. Do you think I’d ever misbehave with anyone, let alone a fan?”

Nag is now on the way back from Mumbai to Hyderabad. “I was in Mumbai for just a day to shoot for a film Kubera that I’m doing with Dhanush. It is very upsetting that such an incident happened. What was more upsetting was the way I was demonized, as if I am some sort of an insensitive brute. I didn’t even know about the incident. If I did I would have apologized to the fan there and then. But it’s okay.I am the news for a day. Tomorrow it will be someone else.I can assure you , this will never happen again.”