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Ranbir Kapoor silent on attack on Alia Bhatt

Why Isn’t Ranbir Kapoor Standing Up For Alia Bhatt?

What’s keeping the self-proclaimed ‘brutally honest’ Ranbir Kapoor from defending his girlfriend Alia Bhatt from all the vicious attacks that she faces from the anti-nepotism mobs?

If not defend, at least some sign of support from Ranbir? Everyone needs that sign of solidarity while facing a crisis. One hasn’t heard a single protective word for Alia from Ranbir Kapoor.

A very close friend of both Ranbir and Alia says, “He is very non-interfering. But I agree. Which man wouldn’t stand up for his loved ones when they are under attack, specially such vicious attack?”

Incidentally, Ranbir himself has now been labeled a ‘skirt chaser’ by the anti-nepotism squad which in an indirect way suggests the reason for his lack of support to those who depend on him emotionally.

Another member of the so-called nepo-gang who has been viciously attacked, says it’s not wise for anyone to speak up. “Anything anybody says can and will be held against him or her. Everyone who has an axe to grind with Karan Johar or Mahesh Bhatt or the Akhtar family is jumping in. The best thing to do is not saying anything.”

Agreed. But how does Ranbir’s silence make Alia feel?

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