Today is a special day for Maddock Films as they present their latest chapter in the Stree universe in the form of Munjya. The film stars Mona Singh, Sharvari and Abhay Verma in lead roles and it links itself to Stree and Bhediya thus setting things up further for Stree 2, which is also set to release later this year.

The early reviews for the film have dropped in and it has managed to wow many out there where critics have praised the film, especially the VFX which is the backbone of the film. Not only that, it has only been half a day but netizens, who have already managed to see the film have took to social media to express their views and have been praising it on multiple fronts.

Some talked about being pleasantly surprised by how the film delivers while others have mentioned the mid-credits scene that links it to Stree and Bhediya.

Here are some of them-

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Even though the collection of Day 1 for the film will only see a figure attached to it tomorrow but early trends look at an encouraging start for the film.

Munjya is the third film in the supernatural comedy universe from the production house and with its links to the original Stree film, things only get more interesting as the sequel to Stree arrives later this year.