Pawan Kalyan, the megastar of Telugu cinema and prominent politician, has been making waves in the media after his recent debut on Instagram. However, the actor’s personal life has become a subject of speculation as rumours circulate about his alleged divorce from his third wife, Anna Lezhneva, after a decade of marriage. Despite the mounting speculation, Pawan Kalyan has chosen not to address the baseless rumours and has refrained from releasing an official statement regarding the supposed divorce. Fans and followers eagerly await any updates on the matter. In the midst of this speculation, an official statement was released through the Twitter handle of Pawan Kalyan’s political party, Jana Sena, shedding light on the ongoing situation and adding to the curiosity surrounding the megastar’s personal life.

His political party took to Twitter handle and wrote, “Janasena Party presidents Mr. Pawan Kalyan and Mrs. Ana Konidela participated in the Pujadikas held at their residence in Hyderabad on the occasion of the successful completion of the first stage of the Varahi Vijaya Yatra. Sri Pawan Kalyan and Mrs. Ana Konidela performed these charitable duties scientifically. In a few days, the next phase of the Varahi Vijaya Yatra will begin. Mr. Pawan Kalyan will soon reach Mangalagiri to participate in the preparatory meetings for this.” (as per Google translate)

He found love on the sets of “Teen Maar” when he met Anna Lezhneva. Their connection was instant, and they soon fell head over heels for each other. In 2013, the couple tied the knot, surrounded by their near and dear ones, marking the beginning of their marital journey.