The latest development  on the  issue is that the Rakshas team is in talks with Ranveer  Singh to  “arrive at a middle ground” so that the project can be salvaged.

Prasanth Varma for  the  first time spoke up on the subject. “Sir, I am not a controversial kind of filmmaker. This issue has blown out of all proportions.All sorts  of misinformation is being put out.  All I can say at this point  is that we are in talks with Ranveer Singh to keep the project on its feet. As far as this project is concerned,he is  the most suitable actor for it.”

Ranveer Singh’ s shocking turn-around after agreeing contractually to star in Prasanth(Hanu Man) Varma’s Hindi-Telugu  bi-lingual Rakshasa has sent  shock waves across  the Telugu  film industry. Ranveer agreed to star in Rakshasa and flew down  to Hyderabad  to shoot with  director Prasanth Varma . He actually shot for  the film for three days. Ranveer apparently told  Varma  he was really happy with what we had shot. They  hugged and  Ranveer  took a flight to Mumbai. He then apparently  sent  a message to the producers  of Rakshas  saying he  would not be able to do the film. No explanation was  offered as to why.

The next few days will give us  a  clearer picture on Rakshas.