The 2019 blockbuster hit Gully Boy stormed into the Indian cinematic landscape, leaving an indelible mark with its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and hard-hitting music. At the heart of this film was Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Murad, a street rapper with aspirations as towering as the Mumbai skyline. The superstar’s rendition of Murad breathed life into a character that resonated with audiences across the nation. Much like Ranveer’s star power itself, his characterisation was so personal that his raps echoed in the streets, in every playlist, each party & became a sensation!

Murad’s journey from the congested alleys of Mumbai to the grandeur of the stage epitomized the dreams and struggles of countless individuals striving for recognition and success against all odds. Ranveer Singh’s seamless portrayal captured the essence of Murad’s resilience, vulnerability, and unyielding spirit, endearing him to audiences far and wide. Murad was the life of this story and that’s what makes Ranveer’s character, iconic even today.

Five years since its release, Murad remains etched in the collective memory of audiences, a testament to the enduring impact of Ranveer’s portrayal. Recently, in a delightful reunion, he reunited with the world of underground rap in a music video for SlowCheeta’s track ‘Kar De Kaa.’ This seven-minute music film offers a glimpse into India’s vibrant rap scene, with Singh’s cameo.

What set Singh apart in this role was his multifaceted talent, which extended beyond traditional acting. Gully Boy marked his maiden foray into the world of rap, a genre that pulsates with raw energy and unfiltered emotion. Ranveer Singh’s electrifying performance as a rapper not only showcased his versatility but also highlighted his commitment to embodying the essence of Murad with authenticity and conviction- his real self, passion & voice.

Ranveer Singh’s affinity for music is no secret, and each time we get to see him on screen, it is a celebration of this shared love where we get to feel the character he plays — when it’s music, it’s Murad. It’s his presence on screen that energises everything and every frame he comes on to and embodies the definition of a true powerhouse of talent. From ‘Gully Boy’ to his recent cameo in a music video, the superstar’s commitment to fostering young Indian talent and amplifying the voice of the underground rap community couldn’t be more evident.