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Find out what late Rishi Kapoor was wary to do the most

What Was Rishi Kapoor Most Superstitious About? Let’s Find Out

While Rishi Kapoor had many pet peeves and partiality. The one superstition that he never got over was to do with watching his own films in advance.

Rishi never saw his films before release. He felt if he saw his films they would flop. And this had actually happened! The films featuring himself that he watched before release had bombed. This is why he refused to watch even his own son’s debut film Saawariya.

There was a myth going around Sanjay Leela Bhansali wouldn’t show Rishi Kapoor his son’s film Saawariya. Not true! Bhansali asked the anxious father repeatedly to see the film. Rishi refused.He saw it straight at the film’s premiere.

Coming to his own starrers, Kapoor & Sons was made accessible to Rishi a number of times by producer Karan Johar. But he wouldn’t watch it. And he wouldn’t let his wife Neetu see it either before release. The only Kapoor who insisted on seeing Kapoor & Sons before release was Ranbir.

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