Know the latest about RRR 2 movie

RRR2: Here’s What We Know So Far

That it would star Ram Charan and NTR Jr goes without saying. However there are likely to be many significant additions to the cast especially from Bollywood.

Sources from Hyderabad say, the cast of the RRR sequel would comprise at least one major Bollywood A-lister hero and two topnotch female stars.

The sequel would be budgeted at one-and-a-half times more than the first film. The special effects would be handled by local as well as international technicians.

This time there is going to be a lot more riding on the project.

“Rajamouli would first finish his project with Mahesh Babu and then move on to RRR2. Pre-production for RRR2 will be on full-throttle while Rajamouli would be shooting the Mahesh Babu project.”