Sai Pallavi is not married to Director Rajkumar Periasamy. The rumours of her marriage are not true. Read to know full details.

Sai Pallavi NOT Married to Director Rajkumar Periasamy; Rumours Related To Her Marriage Squashed Here

Sai Pallavi and her prolific achievements in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinema need no introduction. The actress has been a shining armour in films Kali, Fidaa, Missle Class Abbayi, Maari 2, Athiran, Paava Kadhaigal, Shyam Singha Roy etc. Well, Sai Pallavi, as we know, is known for her natural display of a wide range of emotions in her roles. She is an amazing dancer, and is a versatile performer. Her volumes of work speak for her success. Well, coming to her personal life, Sai Pallavi has remained absolutely silent with a lot of rumours brewing over her love life. The very recent rumour sparked up when pictures of Sai Pallavi’s garlanded photo along with a man went viral. This ignited the thoughts of her marriage, in her fans. The man in the picture happened to be director Rajkumar Periasamy. Soon, there were rumours of Sai Pallavi marrying Rajkumar.

However, a report on filmibeat has talked about the clarification related to these rumours and the wedding of Sai Pallavi. We take reference from this story for our write-up here. The truth is that these pictures of Rajkumar and Sai Pallavi appearing with garlands on themselves were taken during the launch event of the film SK21, which is directed by Rajkumar and stars Sai in the lead role.

The director of the film, Rajkumar Periasamy, shared the photo, featuring Sai Pallavi and himself wearing garlands as part of the film’s auspicious pooja ceremony. He clarified that it was not an actual wedding photograph but rather from the film’s ceremony. For the uninitiated, decorated garlands are customary symbols in South Indian film launch events.

Well, this is another rumour from Sai Pallavi’s love life that remains only a rumour!! We are sure that her fans are waiting eagerly to know more about Sai Pallavi’s personal life!!