Since the great Dilip Kumar passed away on 7 July, 2021 , his better-half Saira Banu’s health condition has been a matter of immense concern for the couple’s close friends like Dharmendra, Shabana Azmi and Shatrughan Sinha.

All three told this writer that they’ve been trying to reach out to the Thespian’s inconsolable widow. But to no avail.

Recently the yesteryears’ superstar Mumtaz on visit to Mumbai, dropped in unannounced at the Khans’ bungalow on Pali Hill . But Sairaji was unavailable.

Says Shatrughan Sinha, “I’ve been very close to the couple for many years. But with Yusuf Saab’s passing away I have lost touch with Sairaji. I have heard alarming reports about her health. But have been unable to verify.”

Aftter weeks of effort I finally got to connect with Sairaji who admitted she was not in good health.

Sairaji’s exact response to my concerned message: “Salaams, Subhash.I am not doing well.So have not been in touch.Thank you for your message of care and kindness. God bless. Aap sab ki dua chahiye.”

We are with you , Sairaji. Losing the reason to live after 50 years of togetherness is not easy. We feel for you.