It is fascinating to think that even after seven months of its release, Sandeep Reddy Vanga-directed, Animal continues to be a talking point consistently. Mostly being slammed for misogyny, incorrect messaging and everything else, Animal has sparked extreme flak from multiple spectrums including many celebrities as well. But the film also went on to become the second-highest-grossing film of 2023.

Recently, veteran actor Sharmila Tagore made her appearance on Kapil Sibal’s show, Dil Se Kapil Sibal., where she was asked about it. As soon as Sibal said there was a film called Animal, Tagore was quick to interrupt and say it was a terrible film that was full of violence.

She continued saying that apart from violence, the film was full of misogyny. She did, however, acknowledge the fact that there were a lot of women who said they wanted someone to love them as shown in the film. She also admitted the massive collection the film garnered and said that you cannot rubbish that, and you have to engage with it and try to understand what happened with it.

When asked about how a loved film like Laapataa Ladies broke Animal’s record, she was quick to interrupt and say how it only happened on OTT. But Ms. Tagore also mentioned how when the film’s budget is set right, it makes the money accordingly. On this note, Laapataa Ladies did well theatrically and Animal, which had a huge budget as well, garnered the big bucks too.