Sonam Kapoor faces criticism for defending Kanika Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor supports Kanika Kapoor, draws flak from netizens

Sonam Kapoor is trending on Twitter, again not for her acting skills, but defending Baby Doll singer Kanika Kapoor.

As we all know, Kanika Kapoor is said to be facing legal implications for being callous and irresponsible while dealing with the sensitive Coronavirus issue.

She, apparently, though a victim, attended public gathering putting people’s lives at risk.

However, Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter and defended the singer saying that Kanika returned to India from London on 9th March, when India was not self-isolating but playing Holi.

Her comment drew heavy criticism from netizens.

People said that PM Modi asked people to be careful while attending public gatherings and victims of Covid19 did not play Holi, unlike Kanika.

Still, Sonam kept defending her point and said that it’s time to spread positivity.

What’s your take on Sonam’s view? Let us know.

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