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Sonu Nigam and Natalia Lesz touch the 2 million mark

Sonu Nigam, Natalia Lesz’s ‘Fire In The Sky’ touches the 2 Million milestone

Sonu Nigam is that one singer from our music world who can literally do anything and everything. The man has been acing in the world of singing since the ’90s and even today, some of his songs are unmatchable. The energy and zeal with which the man performs is simply incredible and songs like ‘Tuje Lage Na Nazariya’, ‘Tumse Milke Dilka Jo Haal’ are still unbeatable in today’s time and age which remake songs can’t do. When we say Sonu can do anything, we literally mean it.

Not just about singing, Sonu’s love for acting is well known to all and his latest music video ‘Fire In The Sky’ starring him and Natalia Lesz is already a rage completing 2 million views on Youtube. Take a look –

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