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South Actress Shriya Saran reveals when she and her husband were turned back from hospital after ‘Covid 19’ symptoms

The global pandemic Covid-19 has affected the entire world and Spain happens to be one of the worst affected countries in this regard. As per reports, South sensation Shriya Saran and her husband Andrei Koscheev have been staying together in Barcelona, Spain for some time now and during this global pandemic, Andrei had Covid-19 symptoms for which they rushed to the hospital over there. Shriya shares her experience over there and we quote –

Andrei began to develop a dry cough and fever. We rushed to a hospital but the doctors were overwhelmed and urged us to leave. ‘Chances are that even if he doesn’t have Covid-19, he will get it if he stays here,’ the doctors told us. So we decided to go home and self-isolate ourselves and get treatment at home. We slept in different rooms and maintained a safe distance from each other. Thankfully, he’s feeling better now, so I hope the worst is behind us.”

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