Actress-activist Tanushree Dutta is extremely upset with the National Commission For Women for exonerating musician Anu Malik from charges of sexual misconduct

Tanushree Dutta Lashes Out At NCW For Exonerating Anu Malik

Actress-activist Tanushree Dutta, who spearheaded the MeToo movement in Bollywood, is extremely upset with the National Commission For Women (NCW) for exonerating musician Anu Malik from charges of sexual misconduct.

Says Tanushree, “The National Commission for Women,  like many other organizations, is susceptible to heavy corruption, biased influence and outright stupidity of ideology. Furthermore, the women’s commission is not a legal entity, so they don’t have the authority to clear anyone of criminal charges.Their closing the case is just another example of their inefficiency and redundancy.”

Tanushree further raises the issue of the NCW’s conduct regarding her own allegations against Nana Patekar. “They have not even opened an investigation into my harassment case against Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya and others.They keep making random excuses and accusing me only of something or the other despite sending my complaint to them officially and following all procedures.”

In fact, Tanushree feels she is being harassed by the NCW. “They never even summoned the accused in my case, but are quick to keep summoning me unnecessarily, even after giving a  detailed written complaint, all documents and records, and representing my case through my advocates.They were hoping to trouble me into silence but I didn’t budge.”

Tanushree stands by singer Sona Mohapatra, who has been campaigning against Anu Malik. “Now the NCW are doing to Sona what they did to me. I’m not surprised, this is their trick. First pretend to support victims, then backtrack. Neither their investigation nor their verdict has any value. Besides, in Anu Malik’s case, most of the instances of harassment were of a private nature and behind closed doors. So what kind of evidence was the Women’s Commission expecting?? A Bollywood style video recording?? Or a high resolution photograph?? Or 4 male witnesses to validate a woman’s word?? Are we living in the stone ages??”

Tanushree feels the NCW is a redundant organization. “I don’t understand why tax payers’ money is being used to fund such ineffective organization, when millions of rape, abuse and harassment cases are still pending in courts with no relief to victims. I understood this double game and chose not to waste my time with the National Women’s Commission.These are all tricks that the #MeToo accused are employing to clear their name and get back to work!! Please spare us all the piety. Nobody is stupid and we all know what’s going on.”

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