Farhan Akhtar-Abhishek Kapoor’s Rock On is 15-years old today. Its youngness, which it wears on its heart like a sleeve,is still intact. And yes, the first part released in 2008 holds together far better as a parable on the perks and pinpricks of musical kinship than the second part of the film released in 2016, which fell apart for two reasons: the change of director(Abhishek Kapoor was replaced by Shujaat Saudagar) and demonetization which happened a few day ahead of the release of Rock On 2.

What was the reason for the fall-out between Farhan and Abhishek Kapoor? Neither party was willing to reveal the inside details. But Farhan did say in an interview, “Things happen . No point in dwelling on them. What happened between me and Gattu(Abhishek Kapoor) was unfortunate. We are both mature adults. We could have sorted out our differences in a much more sensible way.”

Funfact about Abhishek kapoor: before he turned director with Rock On he was an aspiring actor. He made his debut as a leading man in Uff Yeh Mohabbat in 1996 where he was paired with Twinkle Khanna whom he was dating at that time.