Summary: Subhash K Jha feels that the trailer of Rajnikanth’s Darbar, the much-anticipated Tamil film of A R Murogadoss is dreadfully stale.

Trailer Review of Rajnikanth’s Darbar: Looks Dated & Tacky

When will the superstars of Indian cinema grow up?Whether it is Salman Khan in Mumbai or Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu, they continue to live in a time warp playing unvarnished variations of their personality in film after film.

When I heard of A R Murogadoss coming together with Rajinikant for the first time I thought they would do something different together. Yes, sparks do fly in the trailer of Darbar. But the flash and lightening are all on the surface. The film looks as dated and dreadfully stale as Salman Khan’s Dabangg act.

Much is being made about Rajinikant playing a cop after many years. But how does that make any difference? He is still beating up 27 goons at the same time, still romancing heroines more than half his age (Nayanthara who is one of the more intelligent actresses in Tamil cinema, should know better than agreeing to simper for the Thalaiva in a saree), still doing what his fans want him to.

I am sure the Rajini-clan will be more than happy with what Murugadoss seems to have served up in the name of entertainment. But the sloppy attempts to make the super-hero remain relevant in a larger-than-life space, is deeply mortifying. How can a legendary actor be happy just pandering to puerile tastes.

Joining Rajinikanth from the opposite end of the moral spectrum is Suneil Shetty as the villain. It is a wink-wink situation for Rajinikant. He gets to do everything that his fans want him to be without having to stretch himself in any direction as an actor.

Yes, Darbar will make a truckload of money. But is that enough for an actor who defies gravity?

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