A picture released by Telugu star Ramcharan’s highly active marketing team shows the star sitting stylishly on a table with an Oscar and Golden Globe trophy by his side.

When did Ramcharan win an Oscar and Golden Globe? And why are they occupying a pride of place next to him? As far as we know , the closest Ramcharan has come to an Oscar or Golden Globe was for the song Naatu naatu. The Oscar and Golden Globe have gone to the Naatu naatu composer and lyricist M M Keeravani and Chandrabose.

How and when did Ramcharan get an Oscar and Golden Glove?

Ironically,the strange picture also shows a Filmfare award at Ramcharan’s feet.

So the Oscar/Golden Globe go next to Ramcharan while the indigenous award lies at his feet? Isn’t this the colonial complex that Ramcharan fought so hard against in RRR?