Ranbir Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in the industry and time and again in the past, Ranbir has proven his mettle as an artiste. Not just with his acting, he’s often hailed as the ‘Christian Bale’ of Indian cinema because of the stunning transformations that he manages to pull off. Well, as far as his beefed and bulked physique in Shamshera is concerned, one individual who helped him attain the same to a great extent is celebrity lifestyle coach and fitness trainer, Kunal Gir. For the unversed, Kunal had also worked with Ranbir for ‘Sanju’ and RK was so impressed that he wanted to have Kunal for Shamshera as well.

During an exclusive conversation with Kunal, when he was asked about how different or similar was Ranbir’s training for Shamshera compared to Sanju, he said,

“Ranbir responded very well to training. It wasn’t something that comes very naturally to him. However, he was very keen on playing the part being true to the character. For Sanju, he had to put on a lot of bulk, eating a lot of meals. He was even waking up in the middle of the night to have an extra protein shake. But training for Shamshera was different. Here, he had to go a lot more cardio along with strength training. He had to eat fewer meals and he had to reduce his intake of carbs and sugar. So post Sanju, he dropped weight and started prepping for Shamshera.”

On being asked about what was the most exciting part about training him for Shamshera, he added,

“Well, this was the first time Ranbir actually flaunted his physique in the best way possible. Earlier, he hadn’t done that so this particular fact was very interesting and different. So, it was very exciting to show this new dimension which the audience hadn’t seen this time.”

When asked about what’s the most special thing about Ranbir that you learnt about Ranbir the human being, he concluded by saying,

“Well, I am not just saying for the sake of it, I genuinely mean it, he’s a damn good guy who’s extremely humble and sweet. I have trained some of the biggest personalities in the country, be it celebrities or from the business fraternity. Very few are so ground and humble like him. Also, what I like about him is that he’s extremely punctual. It’s fascinating to see.”

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