Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, who wears the hat of having made some really sensible movies earlier, is currently all set and hunky-dory for the release of her upcoming film ‘Panga’ on 24th January 2020.

Kangana and Ashwiny, on an interesting note, decided to unveil the title track of the song at MIT-WPU, Pune, where the entire cast and crew alongside the music team gathered. Shankar Mahadevan and co. performed the track live in front of the students as well. When Ashwiny was asked about the sensibilities involved in this film, she said, and we quote –

“It’s a very important film in today’s time and age. Despite the progress we have made, our society is still patriarchal in many ways. Besides, we all agree to the fact that every mother deserves a second chance. Hence, it’s an inspiring tale which we hope people will like when they see it.”

Well, here’s hoping that the movie helps in a progressive approach for women and the society at large. Panga releases in theaters near you on 24th January 2020. For more such updates, stay tuned to