Why we just can’t get over little Azad Khan

Every time Azad Khan gave us a baby fever

Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao had a baby boy in the year 2011. They named him Azad Khan and since then the little baby boy has only reigned over all of the nation’s hearts. It is no doubt that he is among the cutest children we have ever seen but let’s face it, just a glimpse of him is not enough. Whenever we see pictures of him on various social media platforms, we just can’t help but awww at it for hours. He truly is a gift to our eyes whenever we see him. Fans and paparazzis would do almost anything just to catch a glimpse of Azad.

Just when we think he can’t get any cuter, the little tiny tot is now 7 years old and proving us extremely wrong with his overpoweringly cute features like his chubby cheeks, round dark eyes and plump lips. Looking at a picture of him on a gloomy day suddenly brightens up our mood and gives us a baby fever all over again. And if that wasn’t enough to give us a baby fever, we also see him twinning in terms of outfits with his dad Aamir, how cute is that! Whenever we see pictures of him out with his family, we just can’t stop adoring how beautiful they look together.

We hope to see Azad khan growing up to be a healthy and wonderful child in the amazing family. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on your favourite celebs.

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