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The controversies that revolve around Poonam Pandey's life

Poonam Pandey’s Most Controversial Moments

Poonam Pandey is an actress who works in Bollywood and Telugu cinema. She became popular when she started posting her semi-nude photos on her social media. She made her debut in the 2013 film Nasha.

The Top Controversies of Poonam Pandey are:

Poonam has already posted her semi-nude pictures and later she released a video titled Bathroom Secrets. The video was not good and so it was blocked by YouTube.

The biggest controversy occurred when a morphed picture of hers featuring her in the nude next to Sachin morphed as a Hindu god and a Pakistani cricketer bowing down to him. The picture created a huge controversy in Kolkata with the Muslim people protesting against it.

Poonam’s first controversy happened during the 2011 World Cup. She was challenged to strip if India won the World Cup and it was not fulfilled as she didn’t get the permission from BCCI to strip.

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