Quirky fashion of Ranveer Singh has appalled us.

Ranveer Singh is a powerhouse

Ranveer Singh, the powerhouse of the Bollywood industry, has gained a lot of recognition when it comes to his acting skills and versatility. He totally ensures that every character he plays is unique in its kind and he loves to portray different characters in every movie. He started his Bollywood career playing an event manager in Band Baaja Baraat, and lately played villain Allauddin Khilji in Padmavat. He has now worked on the movie 83’, the biographical movie of India’s 1983 World Cup win. Every character he plays is equally loved by the audience.

Not only is he famous for his acting skills, if the discussion is about Bollywood fashion then there is no one who doesn’t mention the unique fashion sense of Bollywood. He is known for the unique dresses he wears. Memes highlight his unique fashion sense. He has experimented so much, but the thing is he pulls off the outfits no matter how different they are. But along with his unique fashion experiments, he also swears on some great fashion and style rules.

Check out the pictures of powerhouse Ranveer Singh. He is surely a hottie.

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